Ahsan Manzil
Dec 21, 2016

Ahsan Manzil Bengali: (আহসান মঞ্জিল) is the most important architectural memorial of Bangladesh. It was the official residential palace and accommodate of the Dhaka Nawab Family.

Ahsan Manzil was started to build in 1859. It was completed in 1872. It assembled in the Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture. The history of Ahsan Manjil was begun by establishing Rongmohol by Sheikh Enayet Ullah. After his death Sheikh Moti Ullah sold this property to the French traders in 1740. They used this property for trading. After a long period Khwaja Ahsanullah was bought this property from French traders. Sheikh Enayet Ullah is laid down in the north east corner of the palace yard.

After the death of Khwaja Ahsanullah the glory of Ahsan Manjil was ended. Ahsan Manjil was obtained under the East Bengal Estate Acquisition Act in 1952. Bangladesh government took the proposal to renovate it in 1985. It has become under the control of Bangladesh National Museum from 20th September in 1992. For a tourist place there is a museum has established.

The building of Ahsan Manzil is divided into two parts. These are the western side and eastern side. There is a dome called Rangmahal is situated in the eastern side. The living rooms is named Andarmahal is located in the western side of the palace. The big dome is placed on the central round room.

There is a large drawing room, library, state room, card room and two guest rooms are located on the east side. The ballroom, few residential and the Hindustani rooms are located on the western side of the palace.A beautiful vaulted artificial ceiling decorates the drawing room and the Jalsaghar. This ceiling is made of wood.  The Darbar Halls are garnished with green, yellow and white and colored ceramic tiles.

Ahsan Manjil is located at Kumartoli at Dhaka city. It stands by the banks of the Buriganga. It is easy to reach to reach this palace. Visitors from abroad can reach from nation airport to Ahsan Manjil within one hour. There are many residential international hotels are situated around this palace.

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