Osmani International Airport
Dec 12, 2016

Osmani International Airport is the third biggest international airport in Sylhet of Bangladesh. The airport is operated CAAB and is provided by Biman Bangladesh Airlines. The Private airlines like Novoair, US-Bangla Airlines and United Airways operate home flights to Dhaka. People can easily move from the Sylhet Division living to the United Kingdom.

Osmani International Airport was structured through British rule of the Indian Subcontinent. The airport was before known as Sylhet Civil Airport. It was renamed after General M A G Osmani. He was a citizen of Sylhet and Bangladeshi Independence War hero.

The airport was originally provided by home flights from Shahjalal International Airport. The airport was selected as an international airport by the government. This airport was not up to global standards to be capable of fully helpful international trips. It happened due to many shortages with the gadget landing system.

The airport expected its first international advent on 3rd November in 2002. It was required additional development of the runway in 2004. The developments to the runway lighting and airport facilities were originated in that period. This development required to enable wide-bodied aircraft to securely land and takeoff from this airport. The authority decided to build a refuelling station in 2010. The construction began in January 2012 and seventy per cent completed till today.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines flies uncontrollably from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, London and Jeddah to Sylhet. There are no nonstop or straight flights in the other track. This airport is directly connected to the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. So that travellers can reach to Sylhet within a few hours. Biman operated Hajj flights frankly from the airport during the Hajj season later in 2007. It is the easiest way for visitors of abroad to visit this division. There are a lot of international hotels are offering the best hospitality services.

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