Bhatiary Hill
Dec 10, 2016

Bhatiary Hill is one of the most stunning hilly areas in Chittagong City. The greenly hills and the lake blown in the middle magnetizes the visitors simply. The Sunset Point is the most amazing place of the Bhatiary Hill. It is named as Sunset Point because the visitors can enjoy the sunset hooked on the sea from this crown part of the hill.

Furthermore, the positive side is the area is now secure owing to having Military camp at this area. For this there is no possibility to happen any crime in this area. This location is under control and close surveillance of Bangladesh Military forces. The foreign visitors can experience much relax visiting of this area.

There is a lake also rich the beauty of this place. There are some small grounds consisting grasses. By these visitors can sit and enjoy the wonder of the lake. People can walk alongside the road bounded by trees. It is a nice place to take remarkable photographs of the beautiful scenario. It is extremely suggested that not to stay in the middle of the road.

There is a restaurant beside Sunset Point. Hungers and food lovers can taste some testy snacks like Kabab with porota, Chotpoti and so many. Accommodation facilities are not available here.

Visitors can go there by public transport from GEC circle or Newmarket from Chittagong City. There is a bus service is available. This can reach visitors to Bhatiary. After reaching Bhatiary they have to start walk to the hill side. Within fifteen minutes they can reach to the Sunset point or Bhatiary Lake.

If Visitors can supervise a taxi cab or car it would be better to have a nice practice. Taxi cab or car can charge fifteen hundred and two thousand taka for three to four hours.

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