Bhawal National Park
Nov 19, 2014

Bhawal National Park Bengali: (ভাওয়াল জাতীয় উদ্যান) was founded and retained as a National Park in 1974. In 1982, this place was officially recognized under the Wildlife Act 1974 of Bangladesh. This place can be noticed in Joydevpur Thana in Bhawal region. Bhawal National Park wraps an interesting tourist objective.

The core area of Bhawal National Park covers nine hundred and forty hectares. In total area of this place is 50.22 square kilometers. The purpose to maintain this location is to defend important habitats. The mainly frequent flora is the unique wood ‘sal’ forest.

Bhawal National Park has two hundred and twenty species, including forty three special species of trees, nineteen shrubs, three trees, twenty three herbs, twenty four lianas and herbs one hundred and four. The wildlife in the park includes thirteen mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Additionally the Forest department has tiny deer, snakes, peacocks, fish and cats. There is a zoo inside the park. The environment of this park is very charming and attractive for the green lovers. The forest department has created Bhawal National Park as a ‘silent zone’. There is also a playground for sports celebrities.

Bhawal National Park is located Rajendrapur at Gazipur district in Dhaka division of Bangladesh. It is about forty kilometers north of Dhaka city and just twenty kilometers drive from Gazipur and Kapasia.

Visitors like to visit Bhawal National Park for jungle safari, boating and horse riding. Anyone can reach there from Mohakhali Bus stand by public buses personal and other vehicle. There will take about one and half hour to reach there from Mohakhali.

For the accommodation facilities for the visitors there are restaurants, thirteen cottage and six rest houses has organized in this park. Some of these are Bakul, cameli, Maloncho, Belly, madhabi, jasmine etc. These rest houses are offering very comfortable and wonderful services. But there have no permission to hold night.

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