Mar 23, 2018

Bisanakandi (Bengali: বিছনাকান্দি) is located at Bangladesh-India border in Sylhet division. It is a scene of beauty surrounded by gardens and hills. Bichanakandi is a village stands in Rustompur Union in Guainghat Upazilla. This is where many levels of the Khasi Mountain get together at a particular point from both sides.

All of these are high fall. Count to its charm is dark clouds holding close the mountain in the rainy season. It is flowing beneath towards Bholaganj. It is a branch of the Piyain. Beside the stream flowing from high up in the mountain come enormous boulders that are deposited and extracted in Bisanakandi.

Bichanakandi is a stone excavation. It is being used for pretty some years now. But it has become a tourist attraction for only six months and so. A stream coming from a waterfall located in India. It comes down hastening through the mountains. It kisses the Goain River smoothly. At a slender make longer which is decorated with stones of dissimilar sizes and forms. This beautiful meeting point is known as Bichanakandi.

Bichanakandi is not organized for the abundance of tourists yet. At least as far as expediency is anxious. People just enjoy a relaxed ride while passing by calm natural beauties. The roadway to Bichanakandi is full of deep holes here and there. So it is very difficult to reach this wonderful place. Enormous mountains from the Jainta range welcome visitors from all around as they continue more into the hidden profundity of this place.

Every bend, every turn was an attractive beauty. Visitors can see a few herds of oxen swim and groups of kids swimming. They also can try to race their boat even. Bichnakandi is typically a mine. Winter season is not an appropriate time to visit Bisnakandi due to automated mining and stone-owner boats and Lorries.

Bisanakandi is situated twenty-five kilometres North of Sylhet City. Tourists can manage their journey by the Sylhet-Guainghat Road via the airport.

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