Chaprajhar Mosque
Jan 14, 2017

There are many ancient architectural structural locations are spread all over Bangladesh. Chaprajhar Mosque is situated in Paharvanga village. It is on the west side of Atwari upazila of Panchagarh district. It is four (400 years) years oldest Mosque. It is an architectural example in Bangladesh. This mosque has three dooms and four small sized minarets on it.

This mosque was build through the Mughal period. It built with terracotta arts. The walls are made also with this art. The dooms have round and drafted belts on them. The mosque has a wide brick build complex with a doorway at the entrance. This doorway has the association in it’s suggest structure as of Mirzapore Jamei Mosque.

Chaprajhar Mosque is twenty five foot wide and fifteen foot width. At present, the height of this Mosque compact a lot due to collapse. As revealed on its name plate with its details. This Mosque was built in 1300 hijre. Chaprajhar Mosque made by a person known as Shahad Mondol.

Chaprajhar Mosque and nearby the Mirzapore Jamei Mosque are situated at same place. Both of these were partly destroyed in earthquakes. After the damages Mirzapore Jamei Mosque was fixed. But Chaprajhar Mosque was never fixed for its damages. For the comparison and design of the both mosques these built in little duration. The engineers, architecture and makers of Mirzapore Jamei Mosque, was built-in during the build of Chaprajhar Mosque.

There are some villages are raise on surrounding the Mosque. Visitors can go there by air and train from Dhaka City. This ancient Mosque is located at Atwari Thana in Panchagarh district. There are many bus services available from Dhaka. Travelar have prepare for 10 hours journey. When people visit Banglabanda Zero point they can visit this old Mosque easily. There are some hotels are offering accommodation facilities.

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