Chimbuk Hill

Chimbuk Hill

Nov 26, 2016

Chimbuk hill is one of the top tourist objectives at Bandarban in Bangladesh. It is also called the Darjeeling of East Bangal. It is about two thousand and five hundred feet high from the sea level. This hill is located twenty six kilometers away from Bandarban town in Thanci upazilla.

Chimbuk hill is the third highest mount in Bangladesh. It is one of the most well-known tourist spot in Bandarban. The road of this area is crisscross. So if visitors ride by a jeep it will be charming. It is the best place for the hill climber.

Visitors can see the various native tribal villages. Their daily lifestyle and unfussiness must astonish visitors. They are as trouble-free as nature. Visitors may enjoy the feelings of hanging over the clouds when look down from the top of the Chimbuk Hill. When it is a sunny day it observed the wrinkles of clouds over the hills. It is seem that visitors can touch the cloud by hand.  The enormous horizon of hills network appears as waves of a sea. There is mobile network also at Chimbuk Hill.

There are two rest house of government in this area. Visitors must have to verify the reservation from the authority. There is a well managed canteen in that place.  So that food or snacks are taken here easily. These resorts are very safe to stay at night.

Visitor can hire a private vehicle from Bandarban sadar. They also can go there by Thanci bound bus or jeep. On the way to Chimbuk, visitors have to record his name and address as well as personal details to the military check post. Every year a lot of people manage their holiday to visit Chimbuk hill. People who love nature he should visit this place once of his life.

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