Chingri Jhiri
Dec 09, 2016

Chingri Jhiri Waterfall Bangli: (চিংগির ঝিরি) is another beautiful waterfall located at Ruma upazila in Bandarban. Chingri Jhiri waterfall is very near to Boga Lake. It is one hour walking reserve from Boga Lake. So when visitors travel to Boga Lake they can visit the Chingri Jhiri Waterfal. From Boga Lake to Chingri Jhiri, it’s a directly path and it will take an almost one hour by walking.

When visitors travel to Chingri Jhiri Waterfall they have to go through some big pebbles and rocks stone. They should spiritually organize for that. Chingri Jhiri Waterfall is crumb deeper from the main path. But the path of this area is not very complex to walk.

To travel at Chingri Jhiri Waterfall a traveler should go to Ruma upazilla at first. So the traveler has to make a journey from Bandarban to Ruma upazilla by public jeep named as chander gari, regular bus service or private vehicle. Chander gari or bus service will take about one hundred two hundred take only. It may take three to four hours journey depending on transportation service quality. On the way they have to register their name, contact address and other information in the relevant security camp. It is imparted that they are not permissible to depart Ruma for Chingri Jhiri Waterfall area after 4pm.

Traveler can also walk to Chingri Jhiri Waterfall in winter season. It will require six hours to reach this place due to sloppy and muddy road. In rainy season it is very difficult to reach or climb on the hill. It is little difficult to pass this hilly area but when travelers reach there they forget that.

Travelers can reach from Dhaka to Bandarban by the linked road. There are nonstop bus services available from Dhaka to Bandarban. It should have to be observed that there is no housing or non-resident motel, hotel or restaurant in Chingri jhiri area.

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