Dhaka Gate
Mar 22, 2018

Dhaka Gate Bengali: (ঢাকা গেট) also recognized as Mir Jumla’s Gate or Ramna Gate. There is a belief that a monument to be built by Mir Jumla II here. It joined as one of the oldest Mughal architectures in Dhaka. This gate is considered as one of the integral parts of the history of Dhaka. Dhaka Gate was used by the Mughals. The architecture of this gate reflects the wonder of the four hundred year old capital Dhaka.

Consistent with the popular belief Dhaka was getting bigger in earlier period. It was during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.  Mir Jumla built the gate as the north entry of Dhaka determining the northern border of Dhaka with it.

The gate was once an amazing Mughal architecture in capital Dhaka. It was used to enter in the city after incoming on the bank of Buriganga River. The gate was possibly meant to protector the city from the north from the assaults of Magh pirates. It was severely damaged and was later reconstruct in 1825 by magistrate Charles Dawes.

The Dhaka Gate is yellow in color and includes of three major parts as a pillar and two walls. The two walls that figure like a slide has two pillar each. These helped it to stand still for four hundred years. The height of the pillar is about fifteen feet. These pillar stands between the two walls.

The height of the structure differs from seven to fifteen feet. But the design was exclusively made. There is a wide cornice wrought architectural work at the top of each pillar. The walls consisted of a number of planned square holes in a half circular.

It is currently situated in the University of Dhaka campus area. It is near Curzon Hall and Shishu Academy. One third of this gate is now in the area of Centre for Renewable Energy Research. Another part stands indoors the premises of Mausoleum of three leaders.

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