Mar 14, 2018

Dulahazra Safari Park Bengali: (দুলাহাজরা সাফারি পার্ক) is home to at least four thousand animals of one hundred and species. There is numerous magnetism in the park. Visitors find the orchid collections at right and a museum at the left side after entering the park. Both are regularly attractive. In the park there are domestic elephants are available for a ride. Visitors can travel inside the park by convey system of the park or by feet.

There are at least four thousand animals of one hundred and sixty-five species available at Dulahazara Safari Park. Joint forces saved many of these new occupants of the park during their drives at houses.  They establishment owned by implant expects. Many individuals also contributed some of the animals to the park through this period. The grabbed and donated animals presently sent to the park. These animals are one freshwater crocodile, ninety spotted deer, four barking deer, three sambar deer, nine black bears, four pythons, one saltwater crocodile, seventy peacocks, nineteen Turkish pheasants and two emus.

Dhaka Zoo is another resource of animals. The animal inhabitants in Dhaka Zoo has boosted over the years due to their training and the Dhaka zoo gave a number of lions and tigers to the Dulahazara Safari Park. There are lots of different types of birds and monkeys always move at this place. There has a watchtower from the top of which visitors enjoy the huge oceanic of green plants.

Visitors have to take the ticket to the entrance to this natural park. To reach this place travellers have to reach Chakaria. For this, they have to get a bus, microbus or Chander gari. After visiting this park they have to come back to Cox’s Bazar. At Cox’s Bazar there are many hotels and restaurant available.

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