Gutia Mosque
Nov 25, 2016

Gutia Mosque is located in Barisal. It is also known as Baitul Aman Mosque. It is the mosque complex of Bangladesh having a land about fourteen acres. The Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex consists of a huge Eidgah, a graveyard, a Mosque, three lakes, an Eidgah, an orphanage and Madrasa. It established on under the direction of SAS Foundation December 16th in 2003. Guthia Mosque is became also a tourist spot in Bangladesh.

The complex of Gutia Mosque is a private proposal by Sharfuddin Ahmed. He is a businessman and local politician. The mosque had taken four years and one month time to be completed. This compound was designed by a team of Bangladeshi architects. The expenditure of the building in those times was two hundred million taka. The complex was installed on October 20th in 2006. This Mosque has fifty eight meters high minaret created of white marble.

Gutia Mosque has consisted with twenty domes. The lakes closes the mosque reflects the total mosque from dissimilar angles. Gardens are positioned around the lakes and the mosque. A number of scripted of Ayatul Kursi are found just about the mosque. The internal part of dome of the mosque also has the Ayatul Kursi imprinted on it. The inside wall of the mosque has written on it the Surat ar-Rahman. The central part of the mosque has a capacity of fourteen hundred people. The external has capacitated of five thousand people. A lot of people can pray in the Eidgah adjoining to the mosque at a time.

The mosque is a little distant from the Barisal town. It is precisely beside the road of Barisal-Swarupkathi. It is awell known place of Barisal. Visitors will find some bus for Guthia Mosque from the Dhaka city bus stoppage close to the town. Some of the hotels accessible in Barisal district are facilitated with modern facilities.

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