Kantanagar Temple
Mar 25, 2014

Kantanagar Temple Bengali: (কান্তজীউ মন্দির)  is a brick temple of eighteenth century in Bangladesh. It has increased distinction as an outstanding memorial in Bengal for its wonderful terracotta decoration. It evidences that Maharaja Prannath of Dinajpur started its construction in about 1722.

This nava-ratna or ‘nine spired’ Hindu temple is now exposed off its original nine spires atop its corners throughout the shocking earthquake in 1897. It shows the enthusiasm of terracotta art at its best in Bangladesh.

The 15.84 sq kilometers temple positions in the centre of a diamond court with this by a pilgrim drop with a ridged tin roof. Its major fabric axles are around a nuclear square cell, gunfire up to a tallness of around fifteen meters above its one meters high platform of stone. Three square outer shells in scored heights have been added to it. The other eight decorative towers engaged the eight roof corners of the lower two stories. Now these are missing.
The bowed cornice of the ground floor are stridently drooping at the corners, rise in the center. The temple lodges four rectangular corridors on the ground floor just about the prayer hall. The number of domed doorways in the ground floor is twenty one and the first floor is twenty seven. The trait features of the creations are the four centered and wide multi-cusped curves.

Every available inch of its wall is facade from the bottom to the top of its three stories. Both inside and out of beats are with an amazing abundance of shaped and floral art in unbroken succession. The north face mainly portrays scenes of Krsna and Balarama. The art in this temple was calm of several individual plaques and included into an extensive work.

Kantanagar Temple is situated in the passive island hamlet of Kantanagar. It is about twelve miles north of Dinajpur town. This place is surrounded by the Dhepa River.

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