Lawachara National Park
Nov 19, 2014

Lawachara National Park Bengali: (লাউয়াছড়া জাতীয় উদ্যান) is a foremost national park and nature preserve of Bangladesh. Bangladesh government allowable the U.S. supported international Chevron Corporation. Lawachara National Park is a wild and inexplicable patch of hot semi-evergreen forest completely brimming with life. However, the forest may look like an ancient jungle; it has been significantly incomplete by the activities of humans.

Lawachara National Park envelops approximately one thousand two hundred and twenty five hector of semi-evergreen forests. It is the steamy and sub-sultry coniferous forests. It is also wet broadleaf forests Biome. This place was declared as a national park 7th on July in 1996 under the Wildlife Act of Bnagladesh.

Lawachara National Park consists of four hundred and sixty species, of which one hundred anf sixty seven species are plants and four amphibian species. There are at list two hundred and forty six bird species, twenty mammal species and seventeen bug species in this place. One of this is the seriously endanger western hoolock gibbons about only sixty two individuals linger in the area.

It is to perform a 3D seismic examination in the Lawachara National Park in 2008.  Chevron asserts to give highest priority in defensive the biodiversity of the area. Hoolock gibbon, in an effort to flee, supposedly died after jumping onto an electric cable 7th May in 2008.

The park is annoyed by numerous sandy-bedded torrents. One of which is the Lawachara branch, from which the park derivative its name. The soil of Lawachara is alluvial brown sandy clay earth to clay mud dating from the Pliocene period.

There are eighteen villages located near Lawachara. Two of them are placed within the boundaries of the park. Original peoples in the area include the Christian Khasia people, the Tipra people, the Monipuri people and the Hindu Tripuri people.

Lawachara National Park is situated at Kamalganj Upazila of Maulvi Bazar District. It is in the northeastern region of Bangladesh.

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