Mirzapur Jamei Mosque
Jan 15, 2017

Mirzapur Jamei Mosque is located in Mirzapur of Atwari in Panchagarh district. It is about six kilometers distance from Atwari Thana beside the Atwari to Panchagarh road. A Persian writing on the eastern wall of the mosque records its repair. The renovation is held by Shaikh Malikuddin in 1252 BS. No one knows its date of building. Presently the mosque has undergone systematic renovation by the Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh. There are two ancient graves to the south portion of the mosque and to its northeastern area stands an old well.

Mirzapur Jamei Mosque is a three domed mosque. It has an open court about seventeen meters to fourteen meters on its east. It bounded with boundary walls around. The court can be entered by a gateway-room in the center of the eastern side. The room is trial externally 4.12m to 2.12m with 0.60m thick wall. It is wrapped over with a chau-chala roof.

Mirzapur Jamei Mosque mosque is rectangular in size. It is about thirteen meters long and 5.40 meters width. This Mosque is consisted with three access archways on the east. There are three Mihrabs inside on the west, in position with the entrances. There is a domed window in the center of both of south and north walls. There are four curve towers in the outer corners of the mosque. The domes are putted on drums and in the chapter of conversion. It is for the domes squelches beside with pendency have been used. The cornice is instantly.

The terracotta signs having floral and creeper designs are fixed inside the panels. The three eastern arched entrances have projected half-canopy like covering on the top. The walls in outside are now overcome and the terracotta signs are painted red creating a colorful outer.

The road transport is the only direct transportation accessible between Panchagarh and Dhaka. There are many bus corporations’ contribution services from Dhaka to Panchagarh.

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