Botanical Garden
Nov 18, 2014

The Botanical Garden of Bangladesh makes up the largest plant protection center in Bangladesh. In 1961 it was established. It is one of the largest botanical gardens of Bangladesh. It is a knowledge hub for nature lovers, botanists and a tourist objective. This garden is formally known as the Bangladesh National Herbarium.

At the UNESCO convention on Scientific Problems of Humid Tropical Deltas declared to hold this garden in Dhaka in 1964. The suggestion was submitted to the government of East Pakistan. It was ultimately approved with a budget for four staff members and five years. This project was hold up by the new government of Bangladesh after 1971.

This garden stands on an area of around eighty four hectares land. The herbarium has a scientific collection of around 100,000 potted samples of plants. This place is for both popular tourist attraction and research center. The research team at the garden gathers and documents plant samples from all over the country.

Botanical Garden is classified into fifty-seven sections. These are includes a tissue culture research center , a cactus house, a lotus pond, six lakes, lily ponds, an orchid house, two nurseries and complete visitor facilities.

There are two guard towers to allow staff and visitors a view of this wonderful garden which contains more than fifty thousand species of trees, herbs, shrubs and aquatic plants. The birdlife of Botanical Garden is very plentiful. It is depending on the season. The visitors are expected to see a wide range of drifting birds mixing with the locals.

This garden is successfully adapted Rabbit fern, Camphor, Harhjora, Sambucuas and Dambia. The wonderful Amazon lily flourishes on one of the lakes. The leaves these lilies can reach up to three meters in diameter.

The National Botanical Garden is located at Mirpur, beside the Dhaka Zoo in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. It is very easy to reach there by public and private vehicles. A lot of people of Bangladesh and from abroad come to visit this wonderful place every day.

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