Nijhum Dwip
Nov 20, 2014

Nijhum Dwip Bengali: (নিঝুম দ্বিপ) means Silent Island. It is a small island under Hatiya upazila of Noakhali District in Bangladesh. Once upon a time it was called as Char Osman.

Nijhum Dwip has rose on the estuary of the great Meghna canal in the opening of The Bay of Bengal. The geographical location has been identified just two kilometers south west of Hatia under Noakhali district. This newly attributed island may be called as group of islands consist of more than four to five small islands. These are Char Kamla, Char Osman and Corner of Char Osman. These are lonely from the mainland by Hatia channel.

There are traveling birds come every year in Nijhum Dwip. During winter, thousands of traveling birds gather in to island. The fishermen use the fresh and sunny land. It is an ideal place for drying their catches from the sea. Sometimes many of them also build straw huts on the island as regular residences.

This island was brought under settlement during 1969. Then the forest department of Bangladesh under took enormous drive for forestation by mangrove species. Now this island has been confirmed as the sole eco-touristic spot for its perfect natural setup. It is created by the rich bio-diversification factors and the perennial mangrove forest. This place is consisted with wild animals like dotted deer, wild boar and rhesus macaque. It is well known for the ideal locale for fish resources. Since south shore is open to the opening of the Bay of Bengal.

To reach this Island visitors have to travel from Dhaka to Chittagong. From Chittagong at first have to go Hatia Island by Motor boat or Ship. After that from there they can go to Nijhum Island by home motor boat. From Dhaka visitors also can go Tomzuddion by launch from Sadarghat launch terminal. In this Island accommodation is very narrow for the tourists. There is a district Parishod guest house, but have to get permission before reach there.

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