Sajek Valley
Nov 30, 2016

Sajek Valley is a roof of Haven Tourist Spot situated in Bangladesh. Sajek Valley is located in the North angle of Rangamati in Khagrachari. It is near the Mizoram border edge area. The valley is eighteen thousand feet high from sea level.

Many small rivers run through the hills between Kachalon and Machalong. These are very famous to visitors. It is one of the biggest unions in Bangladesh. The main tribal minorities on the valley are Marma, Chakma, Pankua, Tripura, Lushai and Sagma. This place is called as hill queen for its natural beauty and roof of Rangamati.

Visitors will notice superior mountains, thick forest, extensive grasslands and miles of hilly tracks. On the way, people will come cross River Mayni, Mayni range and River Kasalong. There visitors will feel that the green and blue match together creating a wonderful tune. They have pass to the ups and downs of the mountainous road. At that times visitor will feels that they are extremely close enough to touch the sky. Sometimes it feels as if they are in a free fall to the valley. Roads are like big snake spirals mountains in this region.

Principally, Sajek is the name of a river which divides Bangladesh from India. Sajek is an all-climate tourist spot. It is sixty seven kilometers toward north-east. It is 95 km towards North-West from Rangamati city. International border with India is located within eight km toward east. Most charm of the spot is morning, rain, sunset, evening and night.

Most of the people are Buddhist and Christian here. Visitors have to be alert about malaria before traveling there. There is some body lotion or cream to prevent the mosquito. To visit this wonderful location visitors have to prepare for both heath and mind. Because, it may is an industrious tour for them climbing on hills. There are many cottage are available within reasonable price.

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