Sitakunda ECO-Park
Nov 28, 2016

The first eco-park was established in 2001 at Chittagong division. It was completed under a five years growth project during 2000–2004. It was at a cost of 3.57 crore Taka. This place covers about eight hundred hectares land of the Chandranath Hills in Sitakunda. The eco-park was established to facilitate natural regeneration, tree plantations and roads development as well as to encourage natural tourism to create income. The park is observed beneath the Bariadhala Range of Chittagong Forest Division.

Sitakunda Eco Park is located about thirty seven kilometers away from Chittaging. Sitakundu Eco Park is target for the visitors. The Sitakundu Eco Park is not only popular for tourism but also as a grand religious place to the Buddhists. There the well-known Chandranath temple and the Buddha temple are located.

Sitakunda Eco Park is rich with different flora and fauna. By visiting travelers will see a large display map which will help to know the pathways of eco-park. The park is situated on the high height of the hill. The road between the hills is zigzagged. There are different types of flowers, trees and birds beside the road will attract visitors. There are three natural springs are situated here. Two of them are named Shuptodhara and Sohosrodhara. The springs look enormous during the rainy season. Travelers have to climb on by crossing two hundred and fifty two stairs to the temple.

The aim of Sitakunda Eco Park is to protect inherited pool of plants and preserve ecological balance. It also has created scope for eco-tourism. It also creates physical infrastructure for tourists and opportunity for students and researchers. Each there are many visitors come to visit this place.

It is very easy to travel in Sitakunda Eco-park. Tourists can reach there by bus, by CNG taxi or microbus from Chittagong. At this place there are no accommodation facilities are available with good facilities. Travelers have to bring heavy food with them if they stay long.

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