Star Mosque
Mar 22, 2018

Star Mosque Bengali: (তারা মসজিদ) is a historical mosque in Dhaka City. The mosque has complicated designs and is decorated with designs of blue stars. It was built in the first half of the 19th century by Mirza Ahmed Jan also known locally as Mirza Golam Pir. This mosque also known as Tara Mosque.

Star Mosque was first built as a three domed rectangle structure. But an over excited and obsessive commercial named Ali Jan Bepari totally modified and reconstructed. It completed with very delicate and luxuriantly colored tiles of spotted patterns. Ali Jan has further the new verandah. That is stated in the opening on the east. It exhausted generously on importing Japanese and English decorated China clay tiles. These are used to get better the internal and outside show of the mosque. It is now shaped as a five domed structure. Two domes have been raised on an addition to the northern side. These are built without any deference to its remains, architectural style and decoration.

Chinitikri tile work presumes another surface by using mixed pieces of different designs of glazed tiles. These are decorated on the center exteriors of the mosque. The three Mihrabs and the entrances are decorated with mosaic floral model. A plant and vase design is frequent as a pretty element on the pendent with on the interior. The surfaces between the doors are attractively decorated with the Japanese Fujiyama motif.

Besides redecorating the mosque, this pious and kindly merchant also built an inhabited religious school. Here students are still trained from Islamic religious texts, fully free of cost. Recently, this art and its expert artisans have gone vanished from Bangladesh. Local people offer prayers regularly in this beautiful mosque still now. Star Mosque or Tara Mosque is located at Armanitola area in Dhaka of Bangladesh. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants are available here.

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