Mar 22, 2018

The Armenian Church is a historically important architectural monument. It is situated in the Armanitola area of old Dhaka of Bangladesh. It is also known as Armenian Apostolic Church of the Holy Resurrection. The church stands indication to the survival of a significant Armenian society during 17th and 18th centuries.

During 1996, Mother Teresa stayed in the church complex to Dhaka. There are about three hundred and fifty people buried here. In according to the speech of people, there stands at the grave of Catachik Avatik Thomas and his wife portraying.

Armenian Church is about seven hundred and fifty feet in length. It has four doors, twenty seven windows. The main floor is separated into three parts. One is a platform with this by railings, the middle part with two folding doors and an area divided by a wooden barrier for seating. There is a twisting stair into the second floor of the church. Nearby of this there was a watch house. This was built by johans paru piyete sarkis. In 1897, the house broke down by an earth quake.

There was a square tower in among the Armenian Church. A Shonkhonill used in India to show deference Minar was on the top of that. It is a special type of Minar. The passage of the church is forteen feet wide. There is a beautiful painting in the church. It was done by the performer Charles port. There is a room after the platform used for baptism. It is with a three foot deep marble baptismal font.

Armenian Church is usually closed today. It has been the focus of BBC and AFP documentaries. It has been known as a heritage site under the authority of the Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh. It is easy to reach old Dhaka by all kind of vehicles.

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