Mar 23, 2018

One of the most memorized war heroes and politicians of Bangladesh is Lieutenant General Ziaur Rahman. He was born on 19th January 1936. The Zia Memorial Museum was established to keep his memory in honor of this admired man.

The building of Zia Memorial Museum was earlier known as the Old Circuit House. It was built on a hill in the Chittagong city. It built in the year of 1913. It is a magnificent building that swanks unique South East Asian features. It was used as a splendid structure as living quarters for government officers. The building was presently modernized into a museum. It has opened for public its doors in 1993. Visitors find a broad variety of memorabilia and art that totals above seven hundred displays.

Zia Memorial Museum consists of twelve galleries. All of these galleries are granted to the memory of late Ziaur Rahman. Items set up in these galleries include pictures of the president. Visitors can watch the actual microphone and transmitter in excess of which the president announced Declaration of Independence speech. There are also the table and chair from where he feint the country, personal achieves, documents, mementos and gifts he received during his reign from civil servants and officials. In the last gallery of Zia Memorial Museum visitors will be able to view a reform of his premature death.

Zia Memorial Museum has also been fixed with an awesome library. There is also a conference room. It is prepared with the latest technology for use in arrangements and meetings. The president was murdered in this building. For this the museum has become an amazing monument to his life.

Visitors will find the Zia Memorial Museum to be an impressive attraction in Chittagong. It is not only repeats the life of this memorable leader, but the colorful history of Bangladesh. This museum is situated at Shahid Saifuddin Khaled Rd in Chittagong city of Bangladesh. Zia Memorial Museum is opened for the people at 10:30am to 5:30pm during Saturday to Wednesday. On Friday it opens for 3pm to 8pm. On Thursday this museum is closed for display.

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