Baklai Waterfall
Dec 10, 2016

There are many waterfalls are spreading all over the Chittagong division. Hill Track of Bangladesh is well known for these waterfalls. Natural beauty hunger people come out on their holiday to enjoy these wonderful places.  Baklai Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfall in Bangladesh. It is a hidden place of Bandarban.

Baklai Waterfall Bengali:(বাকলাই ঝর্না) is probably the tallest waterfall of Bangladesh. It is around three hundred and eighty feet high. Ten to twelve years later a team of enthusiastic travelers have traveled inside Bandarban.  They found craggy the hills of Bandarban for more than a month. During that visit they exposed this Baklai waterfall from the summit. They did not watch it from the base. So they were not conscious about the height of the waterfall.

Later on, D Way Expeditors have journeyed a place near to the waterfall. They only heard the sound of water falling. Hearing the huge roaring sound of the waterfall from far could not make them to discover it.  They could not imagine that, what it is actually. In according to their interest they later found out to be the enormous Baklai Waterfall. And therefore the waterfall came to the ordinary knowledge of the public. Still today, very few travelers visit this waterfall due to the lack of consciousness.

Baklai Waterfall is located near at the village Baklai. It is a village which is deepest area inside of the Bandarban hills. To visit this waterfall, visitors need to plan to have at list five to seven days on hand. It will be best on their performance on the trek. This place is nearby both from Thanchi and Ruma. Travelers who will make travel for Ruma they can easily observe this place easily. They can be accommodated at Ruma. It is to reach to Bandarban by bus from Chittagong City.

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