Bangabandhu Bridge

Bangabandhu Bridge

Dec 07, 2016

Bangabandhu Bridge Bengali: (বঙ্গবন্ধু সেতু) usually called the Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge. It opened for public transportation on June in 1998. It attaches Bhuapur on the east bank of Jamuna River to west bank Sirajganj. It was the 11th longest bridge in the world and the 6th longest bridge in South Asia. It was created over the Jamuna River. It is one of the three major rivers of Bangladesh and fifth largest in the world.

Bangabandhu Bridge creates assorted benefits for the people. It promotes inter-regional trade in the country. It is essential for quick communication of goods and traveler traffic by road and rail. It assisted spread of electricity and natural gas and combination of telecommunication links. The bridge is on the Asian Highway and the Trans-Asian Railway.

The length of Bangabandhu Bridge is 4.8 Kilometers and width is 18.5 meters. It has opened for a new chapter in the economy of national life. The bridge has smooth the way for easy communication between the two parts of the equal land. The products, mainly agricultural and other items of raw food now find easy and safe way for marketing. The significance of this bridge is so high that it beggars description.

The structure of Bangabandhu Bridge has conduct is a new epoch for transport and communication systems of Bangladesh. It has surfaced the way for pleasant development of electricity, agriculture, industry, forest and natural assets in both the regions.

Bangabandhu Bridge has one hundred and twenty one steel piles. These were obsessed by powerful hydraulic hammer. The superstructure of the bridge is pre-cast sections vertically by the balanced plank method. There are also forty nine spans, twelve hundred and sixty three deck segments and fifty piers. The road is consisted with four lanes and two railway tracks.

Every day a lot of people of Bangladesh and abroad are coming here to visit this bridge and the bank of the Jamuna River. It is very easy to reach there. It takes about two-three hours from Dhaka city. This place has become very popular for picnic. There is a resort named Jamuna Resort for accommodation and other exhibition.

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