Barkanta Chandina, Comilla

Barkanta (Bada-Kamta), Chandina, Comilla

Mar 25, 2014

Barkanta is a corruption of Bada-Kamta. It is a large old village in Chandina upazila at Comilla district. This place is about twelve miles west of Comilla town. It is a thought that, it may be the khadga capital of samatata of 7th century. It is special by the quaintly towering twin Chandi temples on the road side. It is just near the thana headquarters. A Tripura Maharaja reportedly built these temples. These are made about three hundred years ago on the southern bank of a large old tank.

There are some villages apparently with some ancient ruins. These are no longer visible on the exterior. An east-west running canal attractively called Khirnadi. The village is connected with the Meghna on the west. The mound lies on the northern cache of this canal. A large number of ancient images have been discovered from this village. These are including an unusual large image of Revanta. Nalini kanta bhattasali exposed the following antique Buddhist images in 1912.

After the Mainamati detection the scholars no longer accept Bhattasali’s identification confidently. Kamta could be a corruption of Karmmanta. But in the lack of any other proof, this name only could not offer optimistic proof for the discovery. There are at least half of dozen villages with the same name and three with Jayakamta. These all are located in the central part of Comilla district. All of them can make equal claims to symbolize the absent city. The Mahamaya Mura in the centre of the village is not an olden mound. The ancient Buddhist images collected from Barkanta. This area around it is very rich and attractive but none of them could be assigned to a date earlier than the 10th century AD.

Comilla District is not so far from Dhaka City. It will take around two hours from Dhaka. There are lots of transport services are available to reach Comilla.

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