Bogakain Lake

Bogakain Lake

Nov 26, 2016

Boga Lake is a lake situated at Ruma Upazila in the hill district Bandarban of Bangladesh. It is also known as Baga Lake or Bogakain Lake. It is a sweet and deep water natural lake. It is about two thousand height from sea level. Geologists believe that it was shaped by gathering of rain water in the cavern of a dead volcano. It was almost two thousand years ago. Boga Lake is rectangular in form.

A local myth tells that Bogakain Lake was shaped after the population of a Khumi village killed and ate a divinity. He later recurred to them in the form of a dragon. Directly an earthquake happened, the hillside given in and the village departed and shaped a deep lake. The water color of the lake depends at different times. At a day depends upon the sun light, wetness and clouds.

Boga Lake is surrounded on three sides by mountain climaxes enclosed with bulky bamboo bushes. The area of the lake is about eighteen acres. It is a blocked lake and there is a small bounce named Boga chhara. It is about one hundred and fifty three meters deep. There is no opening for pass away water from the lake. The lake is tranquil of the soft rocks of the Bhuban shape. The main resource of water is the spring. The water is crystal clear. Under the lake the water there are rocks and stones all over.

There are small tribal societies like the Khumi, Tripura and Bawm located surround Boga Lake. It is quite hard to wander beside the lake in rainy season. The way from Ruma to Boga Lake is under construction. Its attractive beauty attracts tourists. To reach this place visitors have to reach Bandarban. After that they need a jeep locally known as Chander Gari to reach Ruma Upozilla.

For accommodation there are some hotels are available in Bandarban town. There are some hotels and boarding houses also to stay night at Ruma Bazar.

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