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Dewanbagh Mosque, Narayanganj

Mar 25, 2014

Dewanbagh Mosque Bengali: (দেওয়ানবাগ মসজিদ) is a single domed mosque in Bangladesh. It stands at Dewanbag village in Bandar upazila of Narayanganj district in Dhaka division. This place is about three kilometers south from the Kanchpur Sitalakshya Bridge on the highway of Dhaka-Chittagong. Dewanbagh Mosque was built in the Pre-Mughal epoch. It was probably in the 16th century.

Dewanbagh Mosque is also known as Manwar Khan Bagh. It is marked by local people as Monoharkhar Bagh. It is a square building with occupied octagonal angle towers. It extends away from the parapet, and verandah on the east side. The mosque in the beginning had three domes over the verandah. These have been taking apart. The dome is approved on squelches. There are three entrances of this mosque. One of this each is on the east, north and south sides with curved arches. Even though, their unique shapes had splashed over.

The prayer chamber of Dewanbagh Mosque measured as 10.8 meters square exterior and 6.69 meters square indoors. The Mihrab has a sharp carved out of a piece of black stone with trefoil cusps. Similar cusped stone bends of Mihrabs are also noticed in the fifteenth century mosque at Muazzampur. It is the Fath Shah’s mosque of 1484DC at Mograpara and the sixteenth century mosque at Goaldi in 1519. Its Mihrab doorway and its broad walls are analytical of its ancient times.

The mosque has been modernized more than a few times and further total in the east by a veranda. All unique features have been plastered over in the external. It is currently being used as a Jami mosque. From Dhaka city there are many transport services are available. It will take about one and half hour to reach there. A little people are interested to visit this ancient architectural symbol. No accommodation facilities are available here. Some small local restaurant can be found out.

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