Dhanmondi Lake
Mar 22, 2018

Dhanmondi Lake Bengali: (ধানমন্ডি লেক) is a wonderful lake for recreation in the capital of Bangladesh. This lake is located in the Dhanmondi residential area of Dhaka. The lake was initially a dead direct of the Karwan Bazar River. It was linked to the Turag River. The lake is partly attached with the Begunbari Canal. Dhanmondi was urbanized as a residential area in 1956. About sixteen percent of the total area of Dhanmondi was selected for the lake in the development plan.

Originally Dhanmondi Lake was a deserted channel of the Karwan Bazar Nadi. This river was as the Carevan River. It was perhaps along Begunbari Khal to Green Road to Kalabagan to Dhanmondi Lake to the Turag River. A part of this lake still functions as a tempest water drain and falls into the Begunbari Khal. Development of urbanization has changed in this area during Pakistan period.

Beginning from Jigatola at present Dhanmondi Road 2 the lake extends up to Road 27. It is bounded by the Mohammadpur-Lalmatia area in the north. Satmasjid Road is situated in the west part of Dhanmondi Lake. BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) Gate is opened in the south. And in the east side is covered by Kalabagan residential area.

Dhanmondi Lake is about three kilometers in length and thirty five to hundred meters in width. Its maximum depth of 4.77 meters and the total area of the water are 37.37 hectors. This lake has become a well visited tourist spot for all kind of people. The cultural hub such as the Rabindra-Sarobar is located along its side. People take their morning walk in the early morning. In the evening, young people gather here. There is a restaurant also. People can enjoy boat ride. In several places there are sitting capacity also placed.

From every hotel and motel Dhanmondi Lake is not so far to reach. There are a lot of public transports are passing beside this Lake.

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