Haripur Gas Field
Nov 25, 2016

Bangladesh is the 7Th largest natural gas producer of Asia. Haripur Gas Field is one of these. It is a sister concern of PETRO Bangla. It started production primarily of mineral gas and natural gas for the country. It is situated at Jaintapur in Sylhet district. It has exposed in 1955. It is known as Sylhet Gas Fields Ltd. After the liberation war gas production started from March in 1961 after drilling by Bangladesh government.

In the mission of natural gas, the then Pakistan Petroleum Limited started drilling activities at Haripur in 1955. It started at a small village named Jaintapur police station in Sylhet district of the East Pakistan period. The first innovation of gas in the country took place in that year.

Unluckily their attempt did not make it as gust out happened in the first well of the country because of irregular high pressure. There were six wells drilled in Haripur before the independence of Bangladesh. Of those six wells, only two wells became functioning and relax were deserted for different technical reasons.

Haripur Gas Field formation consists of four layers. These are upper Boka Beel, second Boka Beel, lower Boka Beel and Tipam. Sylhet-7 well was drilled at Haripur in 1986. After that, a gradual production moribund trend had become noticeable. After 07 years of approximately uninterrupted production of total 560869 barrels of basic oil. The well stopped its production for the head force was zero on 14th July in 1994. The workover was done on the well in March of 2005. It was completed as a gas producer with an early production capacity of fifteen MMCFD.

Haripur Gas Field is approaching Sylhet Tamabil Highway later than Sylhet cantonment. It is the Jaintiapur Rajbari point. It is about twenty km away from main Sylhet city. If visitors want to go there, they can use a local vehicle.

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