Nov 27, 2016

Keokradong is the second highest mountain of Bangladesh. It is about 4,035 ft or 1,230 meters high from the sea level. It is located in thirty kilometers away from the Ruma sadar upazilla of Bandarban. It is a remote area full of natural magnificence. There are many big and small mountains spreads over this area. This area is enclosed with impenetrable birds, forests and animals.

Keokradong Mountain is located on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh. It is the place of amazing beauty. This natural beauty is certainly draws the mind of the daring people. In the winter season many brave tourist visit this place with great pleasure. Visitors will pleased with the amazing beauty of cool fountains, green hill, hilly road side, zigzag path, hide and seek game of clouds top of the hill.

There is a small protected and a billboard put up by the Bangladeshi military on the top of Keokradong. It is declaring the height to be 3172 feet. Garmin GPS traced 3196 feet at this location. Russian mapping and USGS argument the assortment that this is the location correctly named Keokradong. They show Keokradong at an 883m top further north.

There are various tribal society is developed nearby these mountain and their living approaches are so natural. The journey to Keokradong is very much laborious. So visitors have to keep confidence and bring drinking water and first aid box. Visitors have to show affirmative attitude with local people and should admiration the tribal culture.

There are some inhabited hotels in Ruma Bazar. For this visitors have to verify the hotel reservation at first. They will have no alternative passing the night except this. If visitors are lucky they can get tribal house to surpass the night.

Milonchori is the greatest place to stay in Bandarban. It is a Guide Tour’s resort placed on a small mountain. This resolution of accommodation is starting from 200tk to 3000tk for a luxury cottage. This cottage is very beautiful and comfortable to stay. Some travel companies are offering weekly package for Keokaradong. It will be very easy to travel by these packages than personal to this second highest mountain.

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