Mahasthangarh, Bogra

Sep 03, 2014

Mahasthangarh Bengali: (মহাস্থানগড়) is the earliest inner-city archaeological site in Bangladesh. A marble slab bearing six lines in Prakrit in Brahmi script discovered in 1931. It was dates Mahasthangarh to at least the third century BC. The equipped area was in use cultivate the 18th century AD.

The Mazhar or holy tomb of Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahisawar built beside of a Hindu temple at Mahasthangarh. He was a holy person devoted to Islam or dervish of royal extraction. He came to the Mahasthangarh area for the objective of dispersal Islam among non-Muslims. He changed the people of the area to Islam and established there.
Mahasthan means a place that has admirable holiness and “Garh” means fort. Mahasthan was first declared in a Sanskrit text of the 13th century permitted Vallalcharita. It is also mentioned in an nameless text Karatoya mahatmya in 12th–13th century. The same text also mentions two more names to mean the same place. These are land of the Pundras, Pundrakshetra and Pundranagara. It is the city of the Pundras.

An administrative ruling mentioned the place as Mastangarh in 1685. The combination of Sanskrit and Persian is meaning equipped place of a favorable VIP. Following discoveries have completed that the earlier name was Pundranagara and that the present name of Mahasthangarh.

Mahasthangarh dates back to at least third century BC. It is biggest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas. It dates from the eighth century AD. There are a lot of antiques have found in this place. Some of these are Coins, Ceramics, Sculpture, Terracotta Plaques etc. There is a museum has built to display these antiques.

The village Mahasthan is situated at Shibganj thana eleven kilometers north from Bogra District. It contains lingers of an ancient city. It was called Pundranagara or Paundravardhanapura in the region of Pundravardhana.

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