Megalithic Tombs Stone
Nov 25, 2016

Megalithic Tombs Stone is a glorious place situated at Sylhet division of Bangladesh. Jaintiapur is the only place where Megalithic remainders have been discovered in Bangladesh. It holds the enduring pieces of the Jaintia Kingdom. At this place, the injured Jainteshvari temple, megalithic monument and Rajbari or King’s palace, have found. The megalithic monument is the best tradition structure between these.

In Bangladesh, there is no other megalithic monument except this. Owing to its geophysical form the region remained sovereign for a long period and was well known as the Jaintapur Kingdom. As such it was declared in Epic, Tantric literature and Puranic. A number of local myths, writings and folk tales suggest that AD Jaintapur came under organizing of the Kamarupa Kingdom from about the 7th or 8th  century. In the later period, it went under the control of the Varman and Chandra rulers.

Megalithic Tombs Stone
Megalithic Tombs Stone

After the descent of the Varmans, Jaintapur was ruled by the Deva dynasty again for some time. Jayanta Ray was the last sovereign of the Deva dynasty. He had a daughter named Jayanti. She got married to a son of a Khasi chief known Landowar. Jaintapur kingdom went under the power of the Khasis in 1500 AD due to this matrimonial union. Then, Khasi kings regulation over the kingdom alone till the British busy it in 1835.

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Visitors will be able to see Megalith Stone Monument here. The main appeal is the tourist spot. If people want this kind of Megalithic Monuments they will have to go to Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland and Turkey. But it is the only Megalithic Monument in Bangladesh.

Visitors can reach this place by local bus, Jeep, private car and other vehicles. From Dhaka, it is easy to reach to Sylhet by railway, bus and by air. There are many modern accommodated hotel located. Beside this place, visitors can visit other wonders of Sylhet division.

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