Meghna Bridge
Dec 14, 2016

Meghna Bridge Bengali: (মেঘনা সেতু) is one of the road bridges in Bangladesh. It was built with the support of Japan. For that it’s formally named Japan Bangladesh Friendship Bridge 1. But it is known as Meghna Bridge locally. According to a study mannered in 2004 by the Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh, occupants are living around the Meghna Bridge. These are recognized several positive impacts after the construction of the bridge.

Meghna Bridge was built with the financial help out by the Government of Japan. It was created by the Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. He was an autonomous engineering consulting firm in Japan. The bridge was opened on 1st February in 1991. Meghna Bridge is the only one largest project with Japanese assistance in the world.

Meghna Bridge is a cantilever and support bridge. It is nine hundred and thirty meters in length with double carriageway and thirty feet in width. The bridge has thirteen spans. Two among the individual spans are of 24.25 meters in length of each. The wagon way of the bridge is about seven meters. The foundations are hold up on RCC caissons and piles. The Piled foundations of abutments are hidden. The piers of this bridge are hexagonal. Each pier is of eleven meters in length. The section walls of the bridge are of RCC and are fixed. Railings are made of the bridge is of R.C.C post and steel rail. Both of this bridge has wide sidewalk. Meghna Bridge also has transportation of drainage.

Meghna Bridge is about thirty kilometers southeast of Dhaka diagonally the Meghna River. The bridge is located beside the Dhaka to Chittagong Highway. It is a nice place to have a tour by the riverside. Visitors can visit this place on the way with personal vehicle when they go to Chittagong city.

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