Naval Beach
Dec 05, 2016

There is several sea beaches spread over the Chittagong division. All of these are most attractive and beautiful. Naval Beach is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in Chittagong district. It is the idle place for passing leisure time.

Naval Beach is located at the bank of Karnofuly River. It is just on the way to the Chittagong Airport. However the beach is not sandy beach like other regular beach. Visitors will find something dissimilar experience by sitting on the divider wall close the road. Beside the road there parking facilities is available. Visitors come here and park their cars beside the wall. People enjoy their idle time with family and friends. The visitors can enjoy a nice view of moving ships which are just close to solid wall.

There are lots of street sellers who are selling a variety of kind’s foods and snacks. But the tastiest items are CRAB and PIAZO. Visitors will never forget if they take these tasty foods once. At evening is the best time to go naval academy beach road. The beach environment at that time becomes very cool and gentle wind blowing surrounding there. It will be amazing scenic beauty you will enjoy if visitors go there at any full moon night. The flicker of moon makes the river water hoary. It may be thought that it is the river of silver water.

Naval Academy beach is situated about twenty two kilometers far from Chittagong city. Visitors can go there by taxi or local bus easily. It will take around two hundred taka if travel from Chittagong city by CNG from GEC. It will take fifteen and twenty taka by traveling by bus. It is a mind-blowing place to have a fun and to enjoy the beauty of Kornofuli River and Bay of Bangle together.

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