Nine Dome Mosque

Nine Dome Mosque, Bagerhat

Aug 19, 2014

The Nine Dome Mosque Bengali: (নয় গম্বুজ মসজিদ) is a remarkable mosque in Bagerhat of Bangladesh. It was built in the fifteenth century by a Mughal general on orders from Babur. Later it supervised by Humayun. This Nine Dome Mosque is situated to the west of the Takur Dighi tank and built in the 15th century. It is very close to Khan Jahan Ali’s Tomb. Its western wall usually faces west towards Mecca.

The mihrab is inset on the western wall.  Terra cotta floral spools and flower designs are the flags seen roughly the mihrab. Circular towers are offered in the four bends. The walls of the mosque hold up a large central dome. It has eight minor domes around it. This structure was also precious by Sulphates. It has been since considerably restored. The Zinda Pir Mosque and Mazar are in wreck are lose to this mosque.

This Nine dome mosque is known as Noy Gombuz Mosjid locally. It is a factual translation of the English name. The mosque is having roughly a square outline. The domes are set in three rows. It is just a few minutes of walking distance to the west from the Khan Jahan Ali Mazar.

Bagerhat is very close to the Khulna town. About forty minute’s maximum of drive. There are some international standard hotels offer plenty of cheap hotels. Travelers can check in those for their night continuing. The Royal International Hotel is an old and well-known hotel from Khulna. Bagerhat District is connected with Dhaka and other districts by both road and Water.

The curve of the cornice gives the building a pleasing appearance. The two cornice bands, running all round the structure are improved with rows of lozenges. A lot of visitors come here to this Mosqe. It has become most popular tourist attraction in Bangladesh.

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