Baitul Mukarram

Baitul Mukarram

Sep 03, 2014

Baitul Mukarram is the national mosque of Bangladesh. This mosque was completed in 1968. It has been being respectable position of the tenth biggest mosque in the world. The capacity of this mosque is of thirty thousand.

The city of Dhaka was growing quickly in 1950. It was the need came up for a huge capacity mosque for the increasing Muslim population. The Mosque Society of Baitul Makarram was established in 1959 to supervise the project. The selected land for the mosque complex was close to the central business region of the city and easily reachable.

The complex of Baitul Mukarram was designed by T Abdul Hussain Thariani. He was an architect. It has numerous modern architectural features. These are still beautifully preserving the traditional morality of mosque architecture. The construction was begun on 27th January in 1960 and has been approved out in segments. The first Prayer took place on Friday, 25th January in 1963.

The Baitul Mukarram Mosque’s has eight storied building. The ground level is ninety feet high. The main access of the mosque was to be on the eastern side in according to the original plan. The ‘shaan’ on the east is twenty thousand square feet spacious. The deficiency of a dome on the main building is rewarded by the two surface domed entrance porticoes. One dome is on the south part and other on the north side.

Day by day Baitul Mukarram is being crowded. During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan this place being overcrowded. For this reason government of Bangladesh was decided to add extensions to the mosque. This is increasing the capacity to at least forty thousand.

Two patios supply enough light and air enter the prayer hall. The Mehrab of the hall is rectangular in its place of semi circular. Baitul Mukarram is located at the center of Dhaka city.

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