Mar 14, 2018

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Chittagong is a bishopric situated in the city of Chittagong in the church region of Dhaka in Bangladesh. The Diocese of Chittagong includes the seventy Civil Districts.

The early history of the Church belongs to 1537 AD. On that time there were Catholics in the Portuguese resolution of ‘Dianga’. That area is now form part of the Diocese of Chittagong. The first churches were association in 1600 in what now forms Diang at the city of Chittagong. Jesuit Father Francesco Fernandez and he came to Chittagong in 1598. He was blinded and tormented and died in captivity on November 14 of 1602. Chittagong became the seat of the first Vicar Apostolic of Eastern Bengal in 1845. Later the administration was transferred to Dhaka. Noakhali was also the first location to have the Holy Cross missionaries.

Since the assembly in 1927, the physical map of Chittagong Diocese is distorted two times in the past. It is newly changed in 29th December 2015 to give birth the Barisal Catholic Diocese. It is discovered as the 8th Diocese in Bangladesh. At this place there is a monument established in 2000 AD in recollection of Fr. Francesco.

Diocese of Chittagong stands on the Southern part of the Country. The area of the Diocese covers thirty three of the total surfaces of the Country. This is the largest Diocese in Bangladesh. Total land area of the Diocese is about forty six thousand square kilometers. Total Catholic Population of the Diocese is about forty thousand. The Diocese is alienated by Meghna, one of the major rivers of the Country.

Every year a lot of people come to meet Francis. He is the pop at present. Roman Catholic Diocese is situated at Bandel Road Patherghata in Chittagong Bangladesh. This organization is much valuable for Christine people. It also organizes education beside other cultural programs.

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