Rose Garden Palace
Mar 22, 2018

The Rose Garden Palace Bengali: (রোজ গার্ডেন প্রাসাদ) was built in the late 19th century by a Hindu Zamindar Hrikesh Das. Around that time parties held at Baldha Garden. These parties were a significant part of the social life of the city’s comfortable Hindu residents.

It was being insulted on this account by someone at one of the jalsas at Baldha Garden. It was decided to create his own garden to surpass of Baldha. Here he period jalsas of his own. The showpiece of the garden is a stylish pavilion. This was not formed as a residence but also a setting for activity such as musical performance. This wasteful lifestyle reasoned Hrikesh to go broke and he was required to sell the property.

Rose Garden Palace was bought from Hrikesh in 1936 by Khan Bahadur Kazi Abdur Rashid. After that it renamed as Rashid Manzil. His eldest son Kazi Mohammed Bashir was fame waiting this generation. The building remains a private property now. It has been renovated by its owners keeping the original quality fully managed. Qazi Abdur Raqib is present owner of this palace.

The building has Corinthian columns. There are eight apartments including a middle hall on its ground floor. The higher floor has a further five apartments counting a large dance hall. In the face back garden, there was an origin originally. This structure of which still remains. There are numerous traditional marble statues in the garden. Although the Rose Garden that gave the house its name does not subsist anymore. To the east there is a veranda triple-domed entry balcony at the back of the building. It leads to a stairway for the upper storey. Originally there was a decorative fountain in the garden and a number of traditional marble statues.

The Rose Garden Palace is located at Tikatuli of Dhaka City. It is easy to reach there by local vehicles and private car. Around this place there are many hotel motel are situated for providing international quality of hospitality. From airport it will take about one hour to reach there.

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