Ruplal House
Mar 22, 2018

Ruplal House Bengali: (রুপালী হাউস) is an impressive 19th century building or hall in old Dhaka in Bangladesh. It was originally owned by Dhaka’s recognized Armenian landlord Aratun. Later it bought and erect jointly by two Hindu wealthy mercantile brothers named Ruplal Das and Raghunath. They were sons of Swarup Chandra on the northern bank of Buriganga overlook a riverfront walkway in the Farashganj district of old Dhaka.

Rooplal House was built by Armenian Jamindar Aratun in 1825. It was sold to Rooplal Das and his brother Roghunath Das in 1835. They modernized this house hiring Martin and company. It was renovated in the then popular neo-standard style. This period of history witnessed the slow rise of the trade class of land owners and Jaminders. Ahsan Manzil and Rooplal House were the pattern of the city rising with the river Buriganga. With these two houses this area became more aristocratic.

Ruplal House was built on the site at a huge cost. Martin Company in Calcutta was the architect organization. This house divided into two unequal blocks in faintly different styles. It is a two-storied structure. It is about nine thousand meters long beside the Grand River front. It pretend Greek Doric article and there used to be a huge clock at the top of the building. In the earthquake of 1897 it damaged. Its ground arrangement pursues the shape of the letter ‘E’. It shaped with three arms enlarging towards the north or the city side. The middle arm scheme is about eighteen hundred meters. It accommodates an impressive porch carried on a sequence of lofty semi-Corinthian gibbeted columns. It surmounted by a triangular pediment, quality of renaissance architecture.

At present the Ruplal House is busy by local interest and vegetable commercials and a colony of illegal squatters. It has recently been secluded by the Bengali Department of Archaeology. This house is located at old city of Dhaka. It is very easy to reach there in a short time from any place of Dhaka City.

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