Mar 12, 2018

Shah Amanat Bridge Bengali: (শাহ্‌ আমানাত সেতু) is the third created across the Karanphuli River in Bangladesh. It is the first chief cable-supported bridge of this country. It connects the Southern Chittagong at Cox’s Bazar and the hill district Bandarban. It is one of the wonders of Bangladesh.

The construction of the bridge started in August of 2006. It was officially opened on 8th September in 2010. The Chinese construction company built the bridge. The project implicated a cost of 590 crore taka. This amount was including a foreign replace part of 3.72 billion taka. It was provided by the Kuwait Fund.

Shah Amanat Bridge is nine hundred and fifty meters long and 24.47 meters wide. It has five piers. These are three 200 meters extradoses main spans, two 115 meters side spans and a 120 meters loom bridge section. Alongside it is four lanes bridge for vehicles. The bridge has two 1.5 meters a lane for group of manual conveys like rickshaws, shove carts and vans. There is also a 1.5 meters footpath on each side of the bridge.

The bridge is founded on alluvial soil artificial by cavernous soil liquid section and river scour. The foundations of the main bridge incorporate 3 meters width bored cast in situ piles.  These were base grouted post-construction. The main bridge decorate was made in situ by the balanced beam method using pairs of travelling forms.

The Shah Amanat Bridge is structured on Karnaphuli river of Chittagong city in Bangladesh. It is one of the wonders in Bangladesh. The bridge has a 0.5 km advance road in the city end and one km come up to road at the Patiya ending. It looks amazing at evening and night. People come to enjoy the beauty of this bridge when the lights on. Visitors when cross the bridge can watch the Karnaphuli River.

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