Shah Paran Mazar
Nov 25, 2016

Sylhet is called the city of three hundred and sixty saints. Shah Paran Mazar is situated at Sylhet district of Bangladesh. The place is very famed. It holds the grave of one of the renowned saints of the region. This Mazar is popular as Darga Sharif of Bangladesh. The graves of several saints are founded at various parts of the city. They are spreading the history of the city. The Mazar is located on a small amount.

Mughals were built Shah Paran Mazar. Between all the famous saints, Shahajalal and Shahaporan are the most renowned. Shahajalal is the loving uncle of Shahaporan in relative. The Darga Sharif of Shah Paran Mazar is not as big as the Shahjalal Mazar. Visitors will find many shops selling Golapjol, candles, Shirni and Aagarbati. They will also find an energetic environment in the shop area. There are separate services for the female and male visitors in the Mazar. At this spot, visitors will find a lot of people asking for help by praying from Almighty.

There is an attracting thing and that is a mango tree called Asha Gas locally. The tree gives ways both mango and fig at the same time. Many people eat figs off the mango tree for the treatment of diseases. Besides Shah Paran Mazar, there is a very earliest mosque in the West. The mosque has been rationalized in 1989-91. About fifteen hundred pious Muslims in a body can say their prayers at a time now.

The Shah Paran Mazar or dargah is situated in Khadimnagar. Major Tila is about eight km away from Sylhet Sadar City. Every year thousands of religious people visit this spot to show their admiration to these saints. Visitors have to take a bus, CNG auto rickshaw or local bus to reach this place. Around this place there are many hotels are located. By visiting this Mazar visitors can visit the other historical places of Sylhet.

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