Shahi Eidgah Maydan
Nov 25, 2016

Shahi Eidgah Maydan is a prayer hall open for the Muslims. It is a famous prayer hall in Bangladesh. This place is located at Sylhet. At Mughal period it has built. This is one of the largest open prayer halls of Bangladesh. It can lodge around 1, 00,000 people at the same time of prayer. It looks like a majestic fort but is actually meant for Eid flock. It was built in the 17th century.

The Mughal Emperor Aurangazed built this hall. Every year during Eid festival period people come to say their prayer in this renowned prayer hall. Though the major prayer takes place in the two Eids of the Muslim population as well as Eid-Ul-Fiter and Eid- Ul Azha. On those days thousands of visitors come here to visit this place every year. A few years ago the central gate of the mosque was restructured to make sure security and safety of the spot.

Shahi Eidgah Maydan hall looks like a castle but it was made only for the idea of Eid flock. In this prayer hall people will locate a minar where the Imam stands to speak prayer. There are twenty steps stairs in of the minar. The figure of the minar is half ground. It is called the middle mina. There are many related minars around the field. There is a large tank which is used for ablution reason. Shahi Eidgah Maydan has three gates for the entry of people only in the prayer days.

This historical place is located about three kilometres away from the north-east of the circuit house of Sylhet. Visitors can easily reach this place by bus, train and by air from Dhaka City. To have a great holiday they can several tourist places besides visiting this place. There are many international hotel and resort have built to accommodate visitors.

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