Shoilo Propat

Mar 22, 2018

Shoilo Propat a tourist spot in Milanchari. It is a beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. This place is four kilometers far from the town by road to Thanchi. The site is cautiously organized and examined by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. It is most celebrated and visited waterfalls in Bangladesh. In the rainy season the beauty of the waterfall is being gorgeous. Every year thousands of visitors visit this tourist spot. People come here for its magnificent attraction and beauty.

Shoilo Propat is one of the most visited and famous natural fall of Bangladesh. People can hear the purl of this fall during the year. The flow of this waterfall becomes forceful during the rainy season. The water of it is so clear and cool. It is a good resource for drinking water and household use for the local Bawm society.

For the availability of water there has grown two or three Bawm village. It has become the major center for their economic activities. There is a small market for selling Bawm handloom products, local food and handicrafts At Shoylo Prapat area. People can see directly the fraught life of Bawm society at this place.

In Rainy season the level of water falling from the waterfall boosts. Particularly when water falls from the waterfall so forcefully, it makes a harmonious sound. This sound will appease visitors and makes them mind calm. It is the exactly place to visit if you are filled with gloominess.

There are many small tourist spots closely to the waterfall. People may also visit mini safari park, a hanging bridge and zoo. There is a tourist site named Nilachal near Megla in Tigerpara, has been formed for the visitors by district management.

Shoilo Propat is about five hundred kilometers away from Dhaka city. It takes up to nine hours to reach there through Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. People also reach there by train. Sakura Hill Resort, Hotel Plaza and Hotel Sangu are the popular resorts where the visitors can stay and visit this wonderful place.

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