Shuvolong Waterfalls
Dec 08, 2016

Bangladesh is a pleasant country in the world. There are lots of tourist place in Bangladesh. Rangamati district is one of them. Rangamati is a district in the Chittagong division. There are many tourist places attract travelers every time.  Shuvolong Waterfalls is one of these attractive waterfalls in Rangamati. It is the most beautiful place of this region.

Shuvolong Bangali: (শুভলং) is a consigning in Borokol sub district. It situated about twenty five kilometers away from Rangamati town. There are few waterfalls in Shuvolong neighborhood. This waterfall is the largest one falling with from as high as three hundred feet. This place has perverse into a tourist journey’s end due to dazzling waterfalls in the past few years. Shuvolong is just easy to get to by quickness ship or speed boats from Rangamati.

The water is only the available path to persuade at the waterfall through a lake. People have to travel to visit there by boat. It is a famous place with the tourists for the waterfall. The high hills and the natural neighboring beauty it offers a magnificent environment. Travelers come to see this beauty and have fun with cold water.

This waterfall is just in near the Shubholong Bazaar. It will take from one place to another five minutes to reach at bazaar. So that Shuvolong is with no difficulty to get to by speed boat and motor boats from Rangamati. It is very enjoyable journey to Shuvolong. When visitors ride on the water boat they feel unforgettable moment.

There are no food and accommodation facilities in near Shuvolong Waterfall area. So if travelers desire to stay there long time they should take drinking and food water from Rangamati. Visitors have to stay at Rangmati town and travel from there and come back before sunset. People can easily reach to Rangamati district by bus from Dhaka city.

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