Sixty Dome Mosque

Mar 23, 2018

Sixty Dome Mosque is one of the most remarkable Muslim structures in Bangladesh. The Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagerhat has become major tourist appeal in this area. It is forming part of the World Heritage Site cultural place by UNESCO. This mosque represents magnificent archeological beauty which was started in the 15th century.

The Sixty Dome Mosque is also referred to as the Saith Gunbad Masjid locally. In fact it is consisted of more than seventy domes. The roof is being supported in the center by a mass of columns and arches, form a countless of walkways and bays.

Sixty Dome Mosque was built by Khan Jahan Ali in the fifteenth century. He was a Muslim Saint of Turkish source who was a ruler at that time. This mosque is Tughlaq dynasty architecture of style of Delhi. This style is like wide brick walls of the Sixty Dome Mosque narrow to the roofline in the.

Sixty Dome Mosque is about one hundred and sixty feet length and one hundred and eight feet width. There are seventy seven low domes arranged in seven rows of eleven. One dome on each corner is bringing the total to eighty domes. There are four towers and two of these were used for calling azaan.

The enormous prayer hall provided with eleven vaulted doorways on east and seven on north. South part is for ventilation and light. It is divided into seven longitudinal passageways and eleven deep bays by a forest. There are about sixty slight stone columns which spirals rows of endless arches and supporting the domes.

At present Sixty Dome Mosque has become famous tourist spot in Bangladesh for all kinds of people. It is situated on southern area at Bagerhat district in Khulna Division of Bangladesh. It is about three miles away from the town of Bagerhat. From Dhaka it is about two hundred miles away.

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