Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island, Cox’s Bazar

Sep 05, 2014

Sonadia Island Bengali: (সোনাদিয়া দ্বীপ) is a small island of offshore on north-west of the Cox’s Bazar. It is about nine square kilometers beach in Chittagong Division in Bangladesh.

It is a curved shaped island. Its western shore is sandy and is rich in different kinds of shells. There are beds of window oysters at the northern part of the island. Inaccording to the history Sonadia Island is founded 125 years ago. The island is separated into two neighborhoods East and West neighborhood. There are around two thousand people are living in Sonadia Dwip.

Most of the people live in Eastern part of the island. The Main occupations of the people are catching fish, gathering of shrimp and other minnow etc. Fishermen set up temporary camps on the island and dry sea fishes during winter. Every winter thousands of fishermen camp there and make great drags.

Some people run their live hood by driving engine boat and craft and also work as assistance. Some of these people cultivate crops. All the products of daily necessities have to collect from Maheshkhali Island. Maheshkhali is a nearer Island of Sonadia. There are one primary school, two Mosques, one cyclone center and about twelve deep tube-wells in Sonadia Island.

In Sonadia Island the variety of creepers and cactus plants which are actually eye catching. Sonadia Island is rich in beauty and wildlife. It is a secure place for sea turtles. There is a hatchery for the reproduction of the sea turtle in Sonadia Dwip. Visitors can see giant sized turtle here. Visitors will be able to see the apparently endless beds filled with glass oysters.

Sonadia Island is also known as a heaven for traveling birds like sea-gulls, ducks, geese, fowls etc. During the winter season traveling birds in groups are found crowding on the beach.

Sonadia Island is located only seven kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. To reach Sonadia Island, at first, travelars have to go Cox’s Bazar. Then they can manage a rickshaw or auto rickshaw for Maheshkhali Ghat or Kasturi jetty of Cox’s Bazar. There are many speed boat and trawler. It will take only twenty minutes by a speed boat and thirty five minutes by a trawler.

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