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Sonargaon is a tourist place of Crafts Museum and Folk Arts. Sonargong means the City of Gold. It was a historic commercial, naval and administrative center in Bengal. Sonargaon was also known as the City of Panam. It was the capital of the kingdom of Bengal ruled by Isa Khan. After the separation of Bengal the old this city stands by some of the oldest buildings in Bangladesh.

Until the thirteenth century, The Panam City was a focal part of the famous Deva Dynasty. Primarily middle and upper class people occupied Sonargaon during that period. After that time Sonargaon was made a secondary capital of the Sultanate of Bengal. This place was described by many historic travelers like Ibn Battuta, Niccolò de’ Conti, Ralph Fitch and Ma Huan.

The house named Bara Sardar Bari was built in 1901. Sonargaon was established by Joynul Abedin on 12th March on 1975. From that day it has become a historic and tourist place of Sonargaon.

A lot of people have visited this place. The visitors attracted by its enormous beauty and by the spoils of buildings and historical objects of old Bengal. The Goaldia Mosque is located in the Goaldi village. It is one of the wonderful models of an earliest Sonargaon building.

Another attraction of this place is Folklore Museum. This Folklore Museum of Sonargaon includes a selection of objects from all over Bangladesh. These are representing by many cultural. There are two old buildings in Sonergong. These two buildings are located on beautiful grounds with chirp of lots of birds, green surroundings, a pond and a number of protected walks.

This place is expended and renewed for picnic spot and shooting spot. People like to spend their holiday at this place for its beauty. Many travel agencies are offering packages for the people for a short time.

Sonergaon is located in the middle of the Ganges delta. It is easy to travel from Dhaka city of Bangladesh. It takes about maximum one hour to reach this historical place.

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  • From Gulistan, there will be a bus called Swadesh, Borac and Sonargaon and to go to Sonargaon Mograpara crossroad of Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Distance from Mograpara to the folk art museum is about 2 km. If you want to go to rickshaw or CNG. If you want to go quickly, take CNG. Otherwise it is better to go to rickshaw. It’s not bad to go to the rickshaw with the zigzag roads in the village. You can also go with your own vehicles. Parking space with the museum Panam town is very close to here. If you want to walk you can walk.

    From the Gulistan Stadium

    # Tribute to home country
    # Doyle 43 Tickets
    # Boraac AC 55 Tickets.

    Maximum time of 35-40 minutes (You can also go through a local car, in this case the rent will be low, it will take longer)

    # You can go to Caiti Composite Limited then 20 Taka in Riksha, 10 Taka in auto to reach The Sonargaon museum that will be reduced to the 2nd gate.

    # You can also go to the  Thursdi stand. transport cost same here, but you will get down at Sonargaon Museum’s main gate.

    # You can go down the stairs The mogarapara. From there the rickshaw is Tk 10 or 15 taka at Auto 30. CNG will take the reserve. In this case you get down at the museum’s main gate.

    Tickets are priced at Tk 30 per person.

    The traditional PanamaCity is very close to the museum. The rickshaw will get 10 or 15 taka for Auto 5 taka.

    The tickets in PanamaCity are 15 taka.

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