Nov 27, 2016

Srimongal is the place of green environment in Bangladesh. Surrounding this place there are tea gardens, forest areas and hills. It is most wonderful place to have a holiday in Sylhet division. It is well known for the biggest tea gardens of world. It covered by blossoming green carpet.

One can have a look into the stunning tea giving out at Tea Research Institute. Bangladesh manufactures and exports a large amount of high quality tea annually. A good number of the tea estates are located in Sremongol.

Srimongol Tea Garden It is also known as camellia or Tea Mountain. There are a lot of tea properties including the biggest one in the world. The terraced tea garden, rubber, lemon and pineapple plantations made beautiful scenery. It is measured as the tea capital in Bangladesh. Just offer toward the inside into the tea estates the nice smells and green beauty.

Srimongol is reachable by rail, bus personal vehicle. It is finest to call ahead if arriving by train. After that ask somebody to arrange transport to eco-cottages. If visitors have not been to Srimongol before they need proper guideline by local people. For those recognizable with this location of the Tea Resort visitors need to continue forwards past the tea resort gate. Grand Sultan Resort is situated there. Then have to continue for another little hundred meters there will be a small village. On that place visitors can find cottage or concrete building with a small veranda out front side.

Sremongol is called the land of two leaves and a bud. There are some hotels located in Srimongol where visitors can stay. But to stay in the Tea garden that will give a special type of memorable incident. Every year a lot of people of Bangladeshi and foreigners come here in winter season.

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