St. Martin's Island

St. Martin’s Island

Mar 25, 2014

St. Martin’s Island Bangali (সেন্ট মার্টিন) is a little island in the northeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. It is about nine kilometers south of the slant of the Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf cape. It is structuring the southernmost part of Bangladesh. There is a small bordering island that is alienated at high tide is called Chera Dwip. It is about eight kilometers west of the northwest beach of Myanmar and at the entrance of the Naf River. The local name of the island is Narical Gingira. It means Coconut Island. It is twelve kilometers long sandy sea beach.

The first resolution of this island started two hundred and fifty years ago. This place founded by Arabian sailors. This place is named the island Zajira. During British activity the island was named St. Martin Island. Another name of this island is Daruchini Dwip. It is the only one coral island of Bangladesh. Every day a lot of tourists are coming here to enjoy aloneness surrounding the sea.

November and February are the best weather to travel this place. This is the main tourist season. Cyclones can hit between March and July. The island was overcome by a cyclone in 1991 but has fully improved. It was intact by the 2004 tsunami. During the months March to July is off-season for tourists.

St. Martin’s Island has become very popular tourist spot. There are five shipping ships run daily trips to this island. These are Eagle, L C T Kutubdia, Keari Cruise and Dine, Shahid Sher Niabat, and Keari-Sindbad. Tourists can reserve their trip also from Chittagong or from Cox’s Bazar. The adjoining coral reef has an addition named Chera Dwip. The only way to arrive at St. Martin’s Island is by water transportation like boats and ships from Teknaf. There is resort or hotel on St. Martin’s Island offering latest accommodation and hospitality services. Neel Digante Resort is one of these.

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