Tajhat Palace

Mar 12, 2018

Tajhat Palace is a historical palace at Rangpur in Bangladesh. The local name of this tourist place is Tajhat Rajbari. At present this palace is government property of Bangladesh. Rangpur museum holds this palace for maintenance.

Maharaja Kumar Gopal Lal Roy was built Tajhat Palace by in the period of the 20th century. From 1984 to 1991 the palace was used as Rangpur High Court Branch of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

In 1995 the palace was acknowledged as a private memorial by the Department of Archaeology. Bangladesh Government shifted the Rangpur Museum in 2005 for its outstanding architectural attraction.

The architectural view of this palace is like as English alphabet “U”. The open side ends to the west. Tajhat Palace is beyond with the access of ground level. There is a very large hall calculating more than 234 square meters. About three meters broad corridor runs the total length of the inside block. Two large wooden stairs provide access to the ground floor. There are about twenty two apartments have built on two floors.

Tajhat Palace has an impressive broad stairs in the centre. It is covered with introduced white marble. This stair guides directly over the doorway to the upper part of the palace.

Tajhat Palace is topped by a grooved pointed dome in the centre of the roof with a tall octagonal collar. The railing on each side of the grand staircase was formerly blown up with various monuments of classical Roman figures in Italian marble. But at present these are missing. There are two semi-octagonal outcrops at each end of the front face and a central prognostic veranda.

Tajhat Palace is located three kilometers away from south-east area of the city of Rangpur. Visitors can reach to Tajhat Palace by public or personal vehicle for a short time.

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