Nov 25, 2016

The Keane Bridge is a famous landmark of Sylhet city in Bangladesh. This bridge is known as the gateway to Sylhet city. This Bridge is established over the Surma River. It is situated in the middle of Sylhet City. Keane Bridge is named after Sir Michael Keane. He was the English Governor from 1932 to 1937 of Assam.

Keane Bridge was built with steel and iron. It is about 5.5 million takas was spent on constructing this bridge. It is about one thousand one hundred and fifty feet long and eighteen feet wide. The Bridge is the way to commute by crossing the Surma River. It has made the life of a lot of people in the region very relaxed. People of this region can acquire their business goods very fast by crossing the Surma River.

Keane Bridge has a very significant historical meaning. It stands the icon of the English rule in Bangladesh in that period. Pakistan army blew away the bridge during the liberation war of Bangladesh. They injured several parts of this bridge. After the independence; Bangladesh government fixed the injured part of the bridge in the year of 1977.

Keane Bridge also has an economic substance. A lot of livelihoods of people depended on this Bridge. When a traveller wants to cross the Bridge he will find a lot of boys. They are helping the rickshaw pullers to drag their vehicle in the rising grade. They do that just for two takas. The bridge also helps the businessmen to carry their products in and out of the city.

Keane Bridge is located at the entrance of the Sylhet city. It is about 1.3 km far from the Sylhet main town. There is a lot of tourist place beside this place. For the tourist there are many hotel and motel are located at this place. From Dhaka City, it will take four and half an hour to reach Keane Bridge. People also can reach to Sylhet City by railway and air.

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